We invite you to be our guest and discover the compilation of educational, clinical and research opportunities that await you at China Medical University College of Medicine. With a long history of excellence in combination with Chinese medicine and western medicine education, China Medical University is a place with a vibrant community of people and friends in the heart of Taichung City. The programs are designed to have excellent, caring and compassionate clinicians and scientists for the service and advancement of healthcare both locally and nationally. Furthermore, advanced education is available for students at our sister institutions around the world. Please visit the Office of Global Affairs for more information.

The international programs in the College of Medicine are as follows:

Department / Graduate Institute Program (Duration) Department Contacts
(4 yrs~)
(2-4 yrs)
(2-7 yrs)
Medicine ● (6 yrs)     +886-4-2205-3366 Ext.2101
Graduate Institute of Biomedical Sciences           +886-4-2205-2121 Ext. 7716, 7732, 7830, 7926
+886-4-2205-3366 Ext. 8201
Biomedical Sciences (International Program)     +886-4-2205-2121 Ext. 7732

English-medium instruction