Partner Institutions

The China Medical University College of Medicine Partnership is a unique program between diverse partners to address the national and international needs, to diversify the healthcare and research workforce as well as to enhance possible exchange programs for students and faculty. We seek institutional collaborators throughout the world. One such partnership is with M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. This partnership helps inspire China Medical University faculty and students to do research in the area of cancer biology.

We also partner with national institutions, such as National Taiwan University College of Medicine for the M.D., Ph.D. program to perform research between the two institutions. We also provide a Ph.D. program partenering with the Academia Sinica. Students can get laboratory training from two institutions.

The Education Strategic Alliances provide opportunities for medical students to have their internships at different hospitals and locations.

Each kind of partnership increases our research capacity, expands educational opportunities and enhances our community with important diverse thoughts and ideas.


National Partnership

Education Strategic Alliances:

International Partnership