【Golden Brain Research Presentation Competition 2022】

In order to cultivate students' English presentation skills and creativity, the College of Medicine is going to organize the 5th "Golden Brain Research Presentation Competition (in English)" on April 8th, 2022 (Fri). The aim of this competition is to promote learning, enhance the international competitiveness of our students and cultivate research talents.  

Office of EMI Project, College of Medicine, Chinese Medical University

1. Students can apply individually or in groups (within 5 students)
1) Undergraduate : 
(i) Students who have taken or are taking "independent research" or "special research" at the College of Medicine, or
(ii) Students who have taken or are taking English as a medium of instruction (EMI) courses.
2) Graduate Institute: graduate students with personal research outcomes (presentation content is limited to personal research).
Note: Graduate students and undergraduate students are also encouraged to form teams to participate in the competition.

2. Students can apply individually or in groups (within 5 students). Each student can only participate in one group, and each group must have a group leader. Group members and topics cannot be changed after the application deadline. The competition is limited to 10 groups; if more than 10 teams apply, a preliminary selection announcement will be made. (Note: If the applicant has taken one of the EMI courses (English as a medium of instruction course) this semester, he/she does not need to go through the preliminary selection.)

【Online Application】: Please fill out the online application form https://forms.gle/sdtWLXi4AZZq68cK6  

1) All team leaders must submit: a) research proposal, and b) presentation slides (electronic file) to shuen@cmu.edu.tw before the deadline (March 30th, 2022). The files submitted will be used for evaluation on the day of the competition; therefore, no modification can be made after submission. 
2)Date of competition: April 8, 2022 (Fri), 10:00 am~12:00pm
3) Competition explanation: The total score is 100%. Each team needs to deliver an oral presentation in English, which is limited to 5 minutes per team, including 3 minutes for oral presentation and 2 minutes for Q&A. (Note: All presentations and Q&A sessions must be conducted in English).

Competition Awards:
1) All participating teams and instructors will be issued a certificate of participation.
2) The evaluation and awards shall be decided by the judges. The judges reserve the right of making the final decision and to award no prize.
3) Awards: 1st place (NT$10,000), 2nd place (NT$8,000), 3rd place (NT6,000), masterpieces (NT$3,000). All awardees will be given a certificate.

For more information, please visit the webpage of College of Medicine 

Office of EMI Program, College of Medicine, CMU
TEL:(04)2205-3366 ext. 2191 (Ms. Chen)



二、Golden Brain Research Presentation Competition 2022
三、研究計劃書 (Research Proposal)