【Annoucement】Subsidy for student of College of Medicine China Medical University 110-2TOEIC Listening and Reading Test


In line with the Ministry of Education's "Bilingual Learning Program for College and University Students - Key Training Institute" for the 110th academic year, the College of Medicine intends to subsidize  students to take the TOEIC group test (Listening and Reading Test), in order to take EMI/EAP/ESP courses that suit their English level after understanding their English level and participate in the on-campus English enrichment program to gradually improve their English ability and develop international competitiveness.



Organized by

Organizer: College of Medicine, Language Center, Center for General Education, China Medical University

Co-organizer: Bilingual Education Resource Center of China Medical University, TOEIC CHUN SHIN LIMITED

Examination Date

May 15, 111 (Sunday) 9:30am~12:00pm

The TOEIC Listening and Reading Test will last approximately 150 minutes, with no breaks during the test.

(The basic information fill in will take about 20-30 minutes, the listening test will take about 45 minutes with 100 questions, and the reading test will take 75 minutes with 100 questions.)

Note: If the number of applicants for each of the campus does not reach the minimum number of applicants (30), the session will be cancelled.


Examination Venue

Yingcai Campus: Classroom 5B03, Classroom 5B04, Classroom 5B05 on the 5th floor of the Hu-Chu Building

BeiGang Campus: Classroom N201, Classroom N203

*The actual classrooms will be adjusted depending on the number of applicants.


TOEIC Campus Examination Application Deadline


From now until March 31, 111(Thu)

5/15 TOEIC Campus Exam (Listening & Reading) 9:30am~12:00pm *Certificate application is not available
Registration Test Notification Inquiry Test  Scheduled Subsidy Application

Online Inquiry/Results Mailing







*Subsidies will be allocated after the examination according to the actual attendance list on 5/15.




Subsidy quota

YingCai Campus: Maximum 150 students (only for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral student of College of Medicine)

BeiGang Campus: Up to 50 students ( student of Department of Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology Year 1 and Department of Biomedical Imaging and Radiological Science Year 1 only)

How to apply for the TOEIC campus test

Please visit the TOEIC website to register for the May 15 China Medical University campus test.

Registration link: https://www.examservice.com.tw/Home/preindex?setStoreID=B6181

(Registration period for College of Medicine students: 111/3/23~3/31)



Note for the examination:

If you are applying for the 5/15 exam, please ensure to select "Company Invoice" and enter your University tax ID number (52005408) when you apply for the online application in order to apply for the subsidy. Students who do not enter University tax ID number (52005408) or who do not attend for exam on 5/15 will not be eligible for TOEIC application fee subsidy. NON College of Medicine students are DO NOT enter the University tax ID number.

Starting from March 2018, ETS will not provide certificate application service for candidates who took the campus test (group test), and the transcript format is different from that of the TOEIC public test. For more information, please refer to the TOEIC official website.

To use the test service for the first time, please apply for an account and upload a qualified photo.
(If you have any questions, please visit the FAQ section of the website or contact the College of Medicine)

Online registration is available until March 31, and late applications will NOT be accepted.

Please complete payment within 2 days of the application date (including the application date), if you do not pay, the application information will be automatically deleted.  

Please make sure that the name on the bill is the applicant's name to avoid payment failure.  

Please make sure that you are able to take the exam before applying.

If the uploaded photo does not meet the requirements, the application will not be successful; the transcripts will be sent to the school and the candidate will be notified again to pick up the transcripts.

Candidates can check or print out the test information at the service section five working days before the test: https://www.examservice.com.tw/TicketQuiry/OpenExamInquiry


Test Application and Subsidy Amount

College of Medicine students who take the TOEIC Listening and Reading Test on May 15, 111 will receive a subsidy of NT$1,100.


How to apply for the subsidy

  1. I. Application time: Submit the following application information to the College of Medicine office before May 20, 111 (Location of the College of Medicine Office: 4th floor of the Medicine Building, YingCai Campus, left hand side of the elevator)
  2. Application information:

(a) Online application form (please fill out this form before submitting): https://forms.gle/mRrv8Jihv3kqYWfB8

(b) Original and photocopy of student ID card (the original will be returned after verification)

(c) Original application fee invoice (Please select "company invoice" as the invoice method, enter the university tax id number: 52005408, and write: name, department, class and student number in the blank space on the invoice)

(d) Payment Receipt (can be filled out at the College of Medicine Office), or you can download and fill out the receipt yourself:



Source of Subsidy

1. The source of subsidy for the 110th academic year is the "Bilingual Learning Program for Students in Colleges and Universities of the Ministry of Education - Key Training Institutes". The relevant funds shall be reimbursed in according with the "Regulations for the Use of Grants and Funds for the Promotion of Bilingualism in Colleges and Universities" and the "Guidline Table for the Funding of the Ministry of Education's Subsidy and Commissioning Program".

2. The actual number of scholarships and grants shall be determined by the annual budget. In case of interruption or reduction of funding, the College of Medicine may stop or reduce the amount of award.


Activity Conductor

Ms. Chen, Bilingual Learning Program Office, College of Medicine, Chinese Medical University

Tel: (04)2205-3366 ext. 2191

E-mail: shuen@cmu.edu.tw