EMI Courses Learning Experience Video Competition 2022


In order to promote bilingual education, China Medical University College of Medicine is planning to organize an “English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI) Courses Learning Experience Video Competition”, hoping to encourage students to share their experiences and insights of taking EMI courses during the past two years. The competition aims to encourage students to pass on their EMI course learning experiences to others and learn from others. Moreover, we hope that this competition can enhance the visibility of our EMI courses, and improve EMI course content.


Organised by

Organizer: China Medical University College of Medicine

Co-organizer: China Medical University Bilingual Education Center


Competition details

(1) Application Deadline: 2022/6/10 (Friday)

(2) Online Voting for Best Popularity Award: 2022/6/13 ~2022/6/17

(3) Award Announcement: The list of awardees will be posted on the webpage of the College of Medicine in early July 



The competition will be divided into "General Category" and "Advanced Category":

(1) "General Category":

All students of China Medical University who have taken at least one EMI course within the past two years (including local students, overseas Chinese students, and international students). Students can apply individually or in groups (up to 3 students).

(2) "Advanced Category":

For students of the College of Medicine only: undergraduate students who have taken at least 2 EMI courses in the past 2 years; or graduate students who have taken at least 5 EMI courses in the past 2 years (including local students, overseas Chinese students, and international students). Students can apply individually or in groups (up to 3 students).



1. EMI (English as a Medium of Instruction) courses refer to professional field courses taught entirely in English at non-English speaking institutions, such as Taiwan's colleges and universities. The content delivery, student-teacher interaction, learning, and academic support materials, and presentation and assessment of learning outcomes are 100% in English. Students may use other languages in group interaction to facilitate mutual understanding and creative thinking and to ensure that at least 70% of class communication is conducted in English.

2. English language learning courses are not categorized as EMI courses. However, full English general education courses, such as “Biochemistry in Daily Life”, “Western Literature and Medicine”, “The Call of Understanding: Stories of Nature Exploration and Scientific Revolution”, “TED Talks and the Art of Public Speaking”, etc., can be considered as EMI courses.

3. One video can only be applied to one category.


Video Specifications:

1. Length of the video: 1 to 3 minutes. (Points will be deducted if the time is less than 1 minute or exceeds 3 minutes)

2. Video format: Please convert the format to MP4.

3. Video Language: Participants must share their EMI study experience in English. All participants are required to be on camera. Those who do not show their faces will be considered as not participating. Given that classes have switched from in-person to online classes, it is recommended to participate individually. You may use creative aids or presentation slides to share your EMI learning experiences.

4. File name: [EMI Video Competition_Participant's name(/or team leader's name)].

5. Each video can share one EMI course at least and five EMI courses at most. Each participant can submit a maximum of 2 EMI learning experience videos.

6. In addition to the video, please also provide a video transcript.



1. Please upload your video to Youtube before June 10 (Fri), with the name "CMU EMI Video Competition_(name of participant)" and set it to the "unlisted" setting.

2. Fill out the online registration form at https://forms.gle/1NJCAGazQxtMNZ9fA (For group registration, please register with the group leader's name)

3. please submit a video transcript to shuen@cmu.edu.tw


Competition Rules and Schedule

1. Competition: 100 points in total, including video content presentation (30%), editing and creativity (30%), English expressing ability (20%), and best popularity vote (20%). Participants will be required to share their EMI learning experience in full English. The video must be in English throughout.

2. Judges: Faculty members and experts will be selected by the Dean of the College of Medicine to form the judging committee for the competition.

3. All videos will join the best popularity vote, except for those videos that do not meet the requirements.

4. Upon announcement of the award, the winners must provide (1) a scanned copy of proof of attendance in the EMI course (e.g., transcript), and (2) a scanned copy of the video authorization statement (Appendix 2).

5. The award-winning videos will be posted online or presented to students and faculty on campus after the competition.

6. If a participant is reported or accused of working for someone else or violating the rules and regulations of this event, and if there are concrete facts, the winner will be disqualified.

7. By participating in this competition, the participants agree to accept the above-mentioned regulations. The organizer reserves the right to revise the rules and regulations of this event in case of any unfinished matters.


Competition Awards:

1. All students participating in the competition will be awarded a certificate of participation.

2. The evaluation and awards shall be decided by the judges. The judges reserve the right of making the final decision and to award no prize.

General Category

  1. First place: NT$8,000 and a certificate of merit.
  2. Second place: NT$6,000 and a certificate of merit.
  3. Third place: NT$4,000 and a certificate.
  4. Four Best Popularity Awards: NT$2,000/team and a certificate.

Advanced Category (for students of College of Medicine only)

  1. First place: NT$10,000 and a certificate.
  2. Second place: NT$8,000 and a certificate.
  3. Third place: NT$6,000 and a certificate.
  4. Four Best Popularity Awards: $3,000/team and a certificate


  • Office of EMI Program, College of Medicine, CMU  (Ms. Chen)
  • TEL: 04-22053366 ext.2191/  EMAIL: shuen@cmu.edu.tw   


附件 (Attachments)       

  1. 中國醫藥大學醫學院全英語授課(EMI)課程學習心得影片競賽說明 
  2. China Medical University College of Medicine EMI Courses Learning Experience Video  Competition Guidelines                   
  3. 影片逐字稿Video Transcript                                                                                                                     
  4. 學習心得影片授權聲明書 Video Authorization Statement