China Medical University EMI Course Feedback Survey (2021-2022 Academic Year)

To facilitate a better understanding of the EMI (English as a medium of instruction) courses learning situation of our students, we are inviting the students of the College of Medicine to complete the following survey. Our students' valuable feedback will serve as an important reference for promoting bilingual education and establishing an international-friendly campus in the future.

Survey link:

Please fill out the following questionnaire and the first 200 students can get a gift card.
Activity Period: Now until 2022/6/13(Mon)
Gift Description: $100 convenient store gift card for the first 200 students who fill out the questionnaire (limited to the EMI courses taken in the 2021-2022 academic year. Each student can submit up to 2 surveys.) 
Note: The list of awardees will be announced on the webpage of the College of Medicine on June 15th and a notification letter will be emailed to the awardees. Awardees must complete a payment receipt and submit it to the Office of College of Medicine (4F,  Medical Building, Yingcai Campus) before June 20th (Mon). Awardees who do not submit their receipts by June 20th will be disqualified from getting the gift card. 

EMI (English as a Medium of Instruction) courses refer to professional field courses taught entirely in English at non-English speaking institutions, such as Taiwan's colleges and universities. The content delivery, student-teacher interaction, learning, and academic support materials, and presentation and assessment of learning outcomes are 100% in English. Students may use other languages in group interaction to facilitate mutual understanding and creative thinking and to ensure that at least 70% of class communication is conducted in English.

Organizer: China Medical University College of Medicine
Co-organizer: China Medical University Bilingual Education Center


Office of the BEST Program, College of Medicine, China Medical University
TEL:(04)2205-3366 ext. 2191 (Ms. Chen)