【Activity Announcement】 111-2 English Corner on Thursday

Students are welcome to join the English Corner of the College of Medicine in the second semester of the 111th academic year.

College of Medicine 111-2 English Corner on Thursday Registration website: 

Every Thursday from 13:10 pm to 15:00 pm, 112/3/2 (Thu.) to 6/1 (Thu.) (Closed two weeks for mid-term exams), 12 weeks in total.

Venue:  8F, "Active Learning Classroom", Huchu Building, Yingcai Campus

Foreign teacher: Mr. Todd Blackhurst

A foreign teacher will lead you to discuss different topics relaxed and interactively each week. The teacher will also lead you to read some medical and health-related English articles so that you can learn to use your English vocabulary and gradually improve your English communication skills.

Organized by:
College of Medicine Bilingual Learning Programme Office / ext. 2191 / shuen@cmu.edu.tw